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American Buffet Menu

Entree Selections
One Entree: $9.95 | Two Entree: $10.95 | Three Entree: $11.95

Beef Tenderloin Tips - Sauteed with mushrooms and onions in a rich au jus sauce

 Sliced Top Sirloin - Roast beef slow roasted to perfection. Served with rich brown gravy, mushrooms and onions
Oven Baked Seasoned Chicken -Baked golden brown with a delicious seasoning
Chef Carved Honey Baked Ham -Prepared with pineapple, cherries and honey
Roast Pork Loin - Roasted with pepper, garlic and salt. Smothered in onions, sliced and served in a rich pork gravy
Stuffed Chicken Breast - Stuffed with a sage and onion dressing, sliced and lightly covered with a golden chicken gravy
Broiled Cod - Cod fillets drizzled with butter, parprika and seasonings then broiled until flaky and tender
Juicy Turkey Breast - Sliced and served in a rich turkey gravy.
Choice of One Potato Dish  
Parsley Buttered Potatoes 
Fluffy Whipped Potatoes
Creamy Scalloped Potatoes
Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes
Seasoned Oven Brown Potatoes
Parsley Buttered Noodles
Potato Pancakes
Choice of One Vegetable Dish 
Whole Kernel Corn
California Blend
Peas and Carrots
Green Beans Almondine
Glazed Baby Carrots
Mixed Vegetables
All above Dinner Buffet selections include rolls with butter.
Salad…add .75 per person | Fruit … add $1.00 per person

Mexican Buffet Menu

Entree Selections
One Entree: $9.95 | Two Entree: $10.95 | Three Entree: $11.95
Hot Spicy Pork - Served with a fresh roasted jalapeno tomato garlic sauce or with a roasted dry red japones chile sauce
Pipian - Spicy pumpkin seed mole made with pork riblets sautéed with onions and napales (cactus)
Chicken Mole - Served in a peanut chile sauce with a hint of chocolate
Steak Ranchero - Chunks of sirloin sautéed with tomatoes, onions, green bell peppers, and potatoes served in chef’s secret sauce
Chimichangas - Deep fried flour tortilla filled with your choice of beef or chicken. Beef is thinly sliced roast beef in fresh homemade salsa. Chicken is shredded, prepared with raisins, almonds, olives, in a spicy sweet sauce.
Fajitas - Beef tenderloin, chicken strip or pork stir fried with tomatoes, onions, green bell peppers and served in chef’s special sauce
Make Your Own Taco - Per tray of 50 – $125.00 Choice of ground beef, chicken (hard or soft shells), tomatoes, and cheese
All above Dinner Buffet selections include rice, beans and tortillas (corn or flour).
Salad…add .50 per person | Fruit… add $1.00 per person

American Party Platter

(All orders come with a Bunuelo. Substitute fries for fruit )
Swedish Meatballs - Per 50 – $60.00 Served in a thick, rich creamy au jus sauce. Sauteed with mushrooms and onions
Mini Egg Rolls - Per 50 – $60.00 Pork or shrimp with hot mustard and sweet & sour sauce
Sliced Beef - Serves 50 – $125.00 Served with mushrooms and onions in a rich beef gravy with soft rolls.
Fresh Vegetable Tray - Serves 50 – $59.95 Fresh, crisp vegetables beautifully arranged on a tray. Served with choice of garden vegetables dip or dill dip.
Cheese Platter - Serves 50 – $74.95 Real Wisconsin cheese, co-jack, Swiss, cheddar and pepper jack, served with a cheddar and garden veggie spread, accompanied by an assortment of gourmet crackers.
Cheese & Sausage Tray - Serves 50 – $84.95 Wisconsin summer sausage and a selection of real Wisconsin cheese cubed and served with an assortment of gourmet crackers
Smoked Salmon - Market Price Fresh cold smoked salmon. Served with assorted gourmet crackers and horseradish sauce
Chicken Salad - Per lb. – $6.95 Made with chicken, grapes, walnut, celery, onions, and mayonnaise
Deviled Eggs - Per dozen – $9.95 Made with a delicious relish and mayonnaise mix
Grandma’s Potato Salad - Per lb. – $5.95 A great alternative side dish for that outside spring or summer event
BBQ Meatballs - Per 50 – $60.00 Served in a zesty sweet sauce
Barbecued Ribs - Per 50 – $76.00 Marinated in a zesty sweet sauce and charbroiled to perfection
Sliced Turkey - Serves 50 – $125.00 Sliced juicy turkey breast meat in a rich gravy. Served with rolls.
Sloppy Joes - Serves 50 – $69.00 Served with soft drinks, rolls, and pickles
Deli Tray - Serves 50 – $69.00 Turkey, Ham, Bologna, or Salami, served with rolls, mayonnaise, and mustard
Water Chestnuts - Per 50 – $75.00 Water chestnuts wrapped with bacon broiled to perfection.
Assorted Sausages - Per lb. – $7.95 Polish, Italian or Smoked covered in beer with green bell peppers, red bell peppers, tomatoes and onions.
Mozzarella Marinara - Per 50 – $62.95 Battered mozzarella sticks served with marinara sauce
Dessert Tray - Serves 50 – $74.95 Choice of three: Mini cheese cakes, mini fruit filled tarts, mini cream puffs, mini eclairs or brownies.
Fresh Fruit Tray - Serves 50 – $74.95 Fresh fruit of the season – watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, strawberries and red grapes
Shrimp Salad - Per lb – $7.95 A great summertime addition to your menu


 Mexican Party Platters

Guacamole - Serves 25 – $39.95 Our chef’s own traditional recipe. Served with fresh homemade corn tortilla chips

Taco Dip Tray - Serves 50 – $59.95 Cream cheese blended with taco seasonings and sour cream. Topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, black olives, and shredded cheese. Served with homemade tortilla chips.
Mini Chimichangas - Per 50 – $72.95 Deep fried flour tortilla filled with ground beef or chicken and cheese. Served with a homemade sauce and sour cream
Mini Flautas - Per 100 – $72.95 Tortillas filled with chicken or beef and deep fried. Served with Chef Miguel’s sauce, lettuce, sour cream and Mexican cheese.
Tamales - Per dozen – $21.00 Corn meal spread on a corn husk stuffed with beef and pork in a mild chili sauce
Ceviche - ½ size – $74.95 full size pan $139.95 Shrimp marinated with fresh lime juice mixed with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, shredded carrot, avocado slices and chipped cucumber
Enchiladas - Per tray of 50 – $125.00 Choice of ground beef, chicken or cheese.
Steak Tacos - Per 50 – $139.00 Toasted flour tracos made with rib-eye steak, lettuce, and tomato.
Chile con Queso - Served 50 – $49.95Cheddar cheese sauce prepared with fresh tomatoes, onions and jalapenos. Served with homemade corn tortilla. 
Spanish Rice - Serves 50 – $39.95
Refried Beans - Serves 50 – $39.95
Box of Chips - Serves 20 – $20.00 (No Sauce Included)
Quart of Salsa - $10.00
Tres Leches Cake - ½ Size pan – $25.00 Full size pan – $50.00 Moist three milk cake, covered with toasted coconut and pecans
Flan - ½ Size pan – $25.00 Full size pan – $50.00 Mexican custard made with caramel sauce.

Mexican Carryout Items

By Quarts
Spicy Red or Green Pork - $20 Each
Poke Mole - $20 each
Rice or Beans - $8 Each
Ground Taco Meat - $15
Enchilada Sauce - $8
Ranchero Sauce - $8
House Chunky Sauce - $10
House Chely Sauce - $11
House Green Sauce - $11
House Spicy Red Sauce - $11
Guacamole - $16

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